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On Hyperchoreography


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Roger Copeland develops this comparison between Rainer and Robbe-Grillet further by citing Roland Barthes. He points out how Barthes credits Robbe-Grillet with "preserving the object's Dasein", or sense of being there (by sensuously rendering the object rather than excavating its inner-meaning.) Likewise, Copeland explains, Rainer's choreography as a celebration of the "dasein of human movement and its physical properties of weight, mass and un-enhanced physicality".

It is through these threads from post-structuralists to post-modern dancers, from Rainer to Nelson that we feel Hyperchoreography is a natural extension/development of the 'non-literal/ non-representational/ non-narrative' dance film work and will find a conceptual home on the world-wide web and in computer-based installation work.

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